Thursday, May 3, 2012

RD Part 5

10: What do you wish to learn when you read again tomorrow, what do you hope will happen in the story or to the characters? Why do you wish for this to happen.

            When i read again tomorrow I would like to learn what happens next. I hope that tool is in the story because I would like to now more about his past. I would really like to know if Nailer and friends will be able to find Nita's father. I would like to know this because if they can't find him then that means they'll be on the run from Pyce's people. Also tool was one of my favorite characters because he's quiet, smart and very sneaky. So i would like to know happens to him too.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Part 4 reading diary

10: As you read today what surprised you? Explain how this will affect the story or how it changed your thinking about the story.

        What I read today that surprised me the most is when they found that the captain of the '' Dauntless'' was reliable. Im  surprised by this because I thought that the captain was with Pyce's and that nailer's dad came along on that ship. I assumed that his dad came on the Dauntless because it didn't say how he got here, plus they did show up on the same time too. This changes a lot for me. I thought the dauntless was unreliable but it was, so that mean's nailer might actually not get caught. Also it means that theres a chance that nita might be reunited with her father.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Reading Diary part 3

10: As you read today, what surprised you? Explain how this will affect the story or how will it change your thinking about the story.

          What surprised me is when tool volunteers to help Nita and Nailer. He is like a friend of Nailer's dad and like isn't he working with him or something. Shouldn't he be like killing them all and turning Nita in, that would make sense. I n the beginining I thought tool was a tool but used in violence like he would be sent out to go kill people. I guess not now though.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Reading diary part one

                                                          Reading diary part 1

  Question 9  If you could ask any character a question, what would you ask? If you could ask the author a question, what might that be? Explain why you chose those questions.

 Answer: I would ask nailer why he's working the light crew ship breaking. I  mean there could have been an alternative. The question I would ask to the author is why he wrote ''Ship Breaker''.
     The reason why I chose these questions is one why would nailer work as a ship breaker. Its hard, tiring and there's a chance you die. Why would you work a lot for a small amount of pay? As for the question for the author I was wondering why he wrote the book. He could of wrote it out of the blue but he should have inspiration for writing it. Was it an event inspiring him that he had to write a story aout or perhaps an awareness that he's trying to send out. I would like to know why.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Book Prediction

                                                                     Book Prediction

         What I think the book ''Ship Breaker'' based on the title is about how young worker finds a wrecked ship with treasure in it. The worker then tries to get the treasure but can't because he wants it discreet. He then meets a girl that is apparently a ghost that tells him she knows how to get the treasure but only if he does what she wants him to do. Then the worker goes with the girl on an adventure in a island. Than after that he girl tells him how to get the treasure and he did.

Friday, March 23, 2012

BE: # 1

                                                                        BE: # 1

T: Xenocide
A: Orson Scott Card
G: Sci-Fi
Pages: 592

                 14. Why do you think the author wrote this story? Where did he or she get the idea or the characters? What message do you think the author is trying to share?

        The reason I think the author wrote this story is because he wanted to create a sequel to his two other books ''Enders Game'' and ''The speaker of the dead''. Another reason is he wanted to explain something or teach us about the consequences of our actions.

              Where the author got his characters is from his first book ''Enders Game'' which
I think he made most of them up.

                 What the message the author is trying to give out is to care for all living things. In the book the council of the hundred worlds wants to destroy Luistiana because it harbors a virus called the ''Descolada''. The Descolada helps the Pequinoes ( inhabitants of Lustiana ) to reproduce and with out it they would all die.  Enders sister Valentine is trying to convince the council to not destroy the planet but they wont listen. That's why I think the author's message is to care for all living things.